Money Is Just Currency

Money is just a means of exchange something (money) for another thing (good or services). I have spent the past few years thinking that I needed more money but what I needed was a better perspective.

I think money should be used to improve the quality of our lives. I am a big believer in making a lot of money by building businesses and investing money well but a million dollars (or whatever amount) doesn’t necessarily equal to an improved lifestyle. For example, having a million dollars but working 100 hours per week does not give you the free time to spend the million dollars.

There’s nothing wrong with working 100 hours per week if that’s what makes you happy.

Also, the things that we think we need the million dollars for probably costs less than we think.

The price and the cost of something are usually two different things. The price is what you see on the tag. The cost is what it would cost to buy that thing over a period of time, either by saving or through financing.

At the end of the day having a lot of money and not being excited about the day does not make your life better than having less money and living life to the fullest.

Make money AND enjoy your life. At the same time. Don’t give up one for the other. Figure out a way to have both.